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Building the Future:

Exploring Infrastructure Readiness and Smart Building Trends

Fill out the form below to watch the Webinar On-Demand. In the webinar on Smart Building Technologies, we discussed the trends and technologies that drove the growth of this sector in the ICT industry. We explored the state of the blending of Operational Technology and Information Technology with Smart Building applications, technologies, and cabling systems at that time. The evolution of power and data delivery in Smart Buildings was a focal point, with discussions on data and power delivery technologies such as PoE, single-pair Ethernet, Hybrid Powered Fiber, and Fault Managed Power.

The session also delved into the implementation aspect, showcasing exciting products for smart building project implementation, including:

1. The smallest and most advanced Cat6A cable in the world and how it could change the physical infrastructure footprint.
2. MPTL applications – the latest in Field Terminated Modular Plugs and a revolutionary new solution for connecting end devices in UTP cabling systems.
3. The latest advancement in patch cord plugs and why patch cords make a big difference in Smart Building Implementation.
4. Software-based solutions to automate the cable documentation process.

Regarding the certification of installed cabling, the importance of understanding which tests to use based on the cabling and applications deployed was emphasized. Attendees learned what was necessary to test the cabling system and technologies to ensure Smart Building infrastructure could handle the technologies and applications in use. The discussion also highlighted the progress made to the point where cable certification alone might no longer be sufficient. Participants in the webinar gained valuable insights into the latest developments and best practices in the field of smart building technologies and how to implement, maintain, and certify the cabling and infrastructure for such buildings.

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