What makes it a “Legacy” test platform? 

The only difference is the Resistive touch screen display. Late last year, AEM released an Enhanced TestPro and Network Service Assistant test platform with a Capacitive touch screen display. We now have surplus inventory of the Legacy platform with a Resistive touch screen display, and we are selling the remaining inventory at a discount.


Promotional Details

  • Available globally except where prohibited by law.

  • Primary purchase will be direct with AEM via credit card transaction.  In some cases, outside the US, an AEM authorized distribution partner may offer the promotion.  Your AEM program administrator can discuss this with you once the required Order Inquiry Form at right is completed.

  • Both 1 and 3-Year Extended Care programs are available, which run concurrent to the standard manufacturer warranty to cover calibration and equipment damage repair and more. See Extended Care Flyer for details.

Once they are gone, they are gone, so act fast to get your first choice on available test kits!  

Available Kits and Sale Prices $USD

Below is a listing of Legacy model test kits and their promotional sale price, which represents about 40% discount on average. To obtain further information about the test solutions and test functionality supported in a kit, please visit the respective product page links provided below.  Remember, the core test functionality between a Legacy model and an Enhanced "E" model is the same.  However, Enhanced kits shown on the AEM website may include some accessories not found in the Legacy kits, your AEM program administrator can answer any questions you many have on kit components included in the Legacy kit you select.  After completing the required Order Inquiry Form at right, your AEM program administrator will check availability and quantity for your selected test kit.

All AEM test adapters are compatible with both Legacy and Enhanced test platforms, so if your first-choice kit is no longer available, you can purchase your second-choice kit and add any additional test adapters you need.  There may also be test function you need outside a standard test kit, so be sure to check out the extensive list of optional test adapters to add to your order.  


 TestPro Product Page

 TestPro Product Kits & Accessories

  • TestPro CV100-K11 - $7,500

  • TestPro CV100-K50 - $4,080 SOLD OUT (K60 Closest Alternative)

  • TestPro CV100-K51 - $9,900

  • TestPro CV100-K60 - $5,100 | Smart Building Test Kit

  • TestPro CV100-K61 - $10,797 | Smart Buildings Test Kit


Network Service Assistant (NSA)

 NSA Product Page

 NSA Product Kits & Accessories

  • NSA-K30 - $1,515

  • NSA-K31 - $4,287

  • NSA-K60 - $1,911

  • NSA-K61 - $4,683



Q. Are all AEM test adapters compatible with both Legacy and Enhanced test platforms?  
A. Yes, all test adapters are supported by both Legacy and Enhanced test platform.  The only difference in the platforms is the display type. 

Q. If I decided down the road that I want the Capacitive touch screen, can I get an upgrade?
A. Yes, there is a paid for upgrade path available to change out the display types should you choose to upgrade.

Q. Is the manufacturer warranty different between a Legacy model and an Enhanced model?
A. No, either type of platform is supported by our standard 2-year manufacturer warranty and upon product registration, we will extend the warranty to 5 years.

Q. Does your Extended Care program apply to the Legacy SKUs for yearly calibration or physical damage to the equipment? 
A. Yes, our Extended Care program is supported in the same way regardless of Legacy or Enhanced model. 

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Comparison Cgart

TestPro and NSA Comparison of Legacy to Enhanced Product Versions

  Placing an Order

  1. To take advantage of this limited time offer, you must complete the order inquiry form.

    a. Once form is submitted, our program administrator will check inventory and begin the purchase process via direct communicate with you.

  2. In the United States, all purchases will be made direct via credit card payment.

  3. Outside the United States, most purchases will be made via credit card payment.  There may be some cases where an authorized AEM distribution partner may offer the promotion.  Your AEM program administrator will discuss and coordinate with you.
    a. All transactions will be in USD, but purchase will convert to your currency and include any credit card payment processing fee.
    b. Shipping will be included on invoice.  Any Duties or Import fees are your responsibility.  

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